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About us

UrbanRxTM (URX) today launched its new brand identity, with a redefined tagline ‘Working together towards the future of personalised health care and personal care’. The new identity reflects our passion to focus on research and development of customized health care, personal care products and various drug delivery systems to bring innovative pharmaceutical solutions to the health care and personal care industry. URX prides itself by bringing quality products to service our physicians and clients worldwide. URX has made it our mission to put our customers first and to constantly evaluate and improve our formulations.”

Working closely with physicians and clients, we can provide specialty compounding for a wide variety of needs. Our expertise is supported by research and development of professional compounding bodies in the world. Raw materials at UrbanRxTM are sourced internationally from reliable chemical suppliers. Our laboratory is fitted with ‘cutting edge’ equipment and our compounding is performed by qualified, licensed pharmacists and technicians who have undergone extensive training in the art of pharmacy compounding. We are committed to prepare our products in line with international standards USP 795 (Pharmaceutical Non-Sterile Preparations) and HSA regulations.

URX is a member of the professional compounding bodies of the United States and Netherlands. Consultant pharmacists and chemists along with a database exceeding 9,500 proprietary formulas give us the ability and support to craft customised solutions for some of the medication problems physicians and patients face today.

URX offers a wide variety of compounding services ranging from hormone replacement therapy, topical pain relief, urology, dermatology, veterinary, pediatric, dental, sports medicine, hair care, nutritional supplements and more. URX also offers customised formulating services for the OEM of skin care, personal care, hair care, and nutritional care products to the beauty, aesthetics and skin care industry from sourcing of raw materials to producing finished products with private labelling.

Priscilla, our senior pharmacist, formulation chemist and instructor, is a trained and accredited compounding pharmacist. She is passionate about the research and development and formulation of customised health care and personal care products.

At UrbanRxTM, you can be assured that we will work together with you to improve your health by providing the highest quality medication and care. You will also be impressed by the high quality of service you receive from our team.

"Working together towards the future of personalised health care and personal care."
Priscilla Lim (林淑玲)
Managing Pharmacist
"新加坡尔蔓调制药局是台湾首家调制药局- 挚药局的长期,信任合作伙伴。并且由其高级 调制·药剂师- Priscilla给予多项药物调制的技术指导,也提升了两岸对调制药物的交流与互 动。Priscilla是个专业,敬业,有才华并且经验丰富的高级调制药师。我们的共识就是在药 局调制的制定药物以满足特定患者需求的药学转业,调制材料结合了创新,研究和最先进 的技术与专业设备。高度推荐喔!
(Sincere Compounding Pharmacy, Taiwan)

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To provide personalised health solutions to meet the unique healthcare needs of our patients to achieve optimum health

Our Vision

To empower health care professionals and patients with the knowledge of optimizing medication use and improving patient health

Our Business Objectives

  • Provide professional input and solution into the prescribing process of customised medication
  • Provide patient-centered care when dispensing compounded medication via counselling
  • Deliver customised, quality products made from state-of-the-art-equipment, raw materials and advanced compounding technique
  • Initiate business and product innovation




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